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My name is Megan Howard and I have owned and raised ferrets since my mom and dad bought me my first baby ferret when I was 7 years old.

In the last fifteen years or so, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about keeping pet ferrets and how to ensure they live the healthiest and happiest life possible. I thought I would share the secrets of my success so you too can get the most joy and fulfillment from keeping a ferret or maybe a number of ferrets.

There is a lot you should know before you go ahead and buy a baby ferret. Its not that they are difficult to keep in fact Sammy, my 18 month old you can see here in this photograph spends most of his time asleep while I am at work. However bringing up a baby ferret is not the same as a puppy or kitten!

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  • Is your ferret wild or domesticated and why it matters…. Some experts claim that the ferret is a wild animal . . . not a domesticated pet. While other experts say that the ferret is indeed a domesticated animal, and has been for thousands of years. So who’s right?
  • Choosing 1 of 4 kinds of ferret Yes, there are four distinct types of ferrets from which will can choose for your next family member, which will you choose?
  • Ferret Preparation Before You Adopt!.. Bringing your ferret home with conditions all ready for him/her to walk into reduces the stress for the little guy right from the start, but what essentials do you need?…I’ll tell you exactly.
  • Choosing The Proper Bedding For Your New Ferret… No Wood Chips Here! Ferrets like a soft bed to spend their 18 or so hours asleep. But what’s the best bedding?….Find out.
  • Your Ferret Has How Many Toys?… Its true that your ferret can never have too many toys! There are two fundamental factors that should determine any purchase when it comes to toys for your ferret – You need to know what they are.
  • Every Ferret Needs a Collar!… But please don’t get a cat or puppy collar from your local pet store, I’ll tell you what I found to be best.
  • Welcoming Your New Ferret Home..Like any new member of a family, your ferret needs t get acquainted with both you and it’s new home. Learn from my mistakes and I’ll share with you what works and what is best for your pet.
  • Much, Much More



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