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Dear Friend,

If you are really interested and want to know everything you you really need to know about raising and keeping ferrets as a pet then this may just be the most important information you’ll ever read on the subject…

That’s Because:

Over the last 15 years I have been caring for and have raised several baby ferrets into adulthood. In that time I have discovered how to give ferrets everything they need to be the healthiest, happiest and most fun loving ferrets ever possible. The payback I got from this was years and years of continuous love and affection and hours upon hours of laughter and entertainment from my fun loving fur balls.

My Mom and Dad bought me my first pet ferret when I was 7 years old. I have to say my first experiences with ‘Sid’ were mixed and sometimes stressful. He would bite so hard at times and would have a musky smell about him, even though I kept him really clean and his bedding tidy.

A few years later I started to learn more about keeping ferrets and discovered more and more about these fun loving fur balls. By the time I was about 17, I had pretty much got over all of the problems and by then, had owned three ferrets. But that was 10 years later! I am happy to say that the ferrets I have now and have kept for the last 5 years or more, do not cause me an ounce of trouble, in fact its quite the opposite.

In the last few years I decided to take the secrets I had discovered; along with several months of additional research from professional ferret breeders, vets and enthusiasts alike and compile all this knowledge into one new eBook called “Raising Sammy” – The Ultimate Ferret Care Guide.. Who’s Sammy I here you say?….Well he’s my cute 18 month old cinnamon Ferret who I decided to dedicate the book to, as I was putting it all together.

Sammy in bag

What’s amazing about the information in this book, is that it covers everything you need or would want to know about buying and raising your ferret as well as health and care, plus much more…

Just imagine knowing how to give your pet ferret, the best possible start to life, the best ongoing care, love and affection all in 7 days (or less) without you or your ferret becoming stressed and without you becoming disappointed about your new family member.

And you can do this all from the comfort of your own home, possibly even without getting out of the chair you are currently sat in! – How GOOD is that?

Yes you can have the Healthiest, Happiest and most Fun Loving Ferret ever! It truly is possible, but you just need to know how.

That was the sole purpose of of writing this brand new and amazing eBook on ferret care – SO….

You See!

Every bit of this knowledge crammed ‘Ferret Care Training Companion’ is packed with all the information on caring for your pet ferret and it took over 1 year to research, gather the data and compile it into this amazing new book.

But 1st let me ask you…

  • Do you want to know how you can correct almost any of your ferret’s behavioral issues?
  • Are you completely fed up of cleaning up after your fur ball?
  • Are you concerned that you baby seems lethargic or sleeps too much, appears weak or doesn’t seem to be eating as much?
  • Are you TOTALLY, I mean 100% confident that you are feeding your little guy (or gal) the best, healthiest and wholesome foods. If not, then you could be seriously affecting your pet’s health!
  • Do you wish you could stop your little one from nipping or biting? Those little needle like teeth really hurt don’t they?

If you have answered YES to the majority of the above questions then get ready for the best and easiest most fun week of revelation!

  • Ferret History…. In Chapter 1 you will learn why ferrets have been one of man’s (and woman’s) favourite companion for over 2500 years. You will also discover the slightly darker side to the beloved ferret and how they have been used over the centuries to carry out some illegal stuff!
  • Absolute Ferret Essentials are Discussed in Chapter 2…Knowing what are essential supplies, where to get them and having them in the house before you bring your energetic bundle of joy home is guaranteed to make your life — as well as the transition for the new guy — a lot easier.
  • Time to Get Serious!… It’s here in Chapter 3 that I talk about how to handle your new guy . . . how to go about getting to know him better — without scaring the bejeebers out of him and without you getting inadvertently clawed or bits.You’ll also learn in this chapter just how easy it is to groom a ferret yourself. If you don’t have the money or the time for a professional groomer, you’ll soon discover how to be the expert at keeping your ferret the handsome devil he views himself to be.
  • Chapter 4 is devoted to your ferret’s nutritional needs. We’ll discuss his diet and how extremely important this is to his quality of life, his chances of longevity and his overall optimistic energetic outlook on life.I have to warn you, right up front, that the ferret you’re considering adopting does have a few nutritional requirements that perhaps other pets don’t have. But, don’t worry. If you know about these at the very beginning, then you won’t have any trouble handling this guy’s diet.

    Find out how you can significantly increase your ferret’s lifespan, by following an amazingly simple breakthrough in diet and nutrition.

  • Before you make any decision on your ferret. You need to decide on how many ferrets you’ll adopt together. Are you planning on just adopting one? Or have you been talked into taking two, because you’ve been told they’ll be happier? – Let me tell you what you need to consider.
  • Stop your ferret from biting for good! With these 7 easy to follow steps, that you will find simple and fun to learn.
  • Build a long lasting and deeply fulfilling relationship with your ferret. What if I could show you how your ferret shows affection and how you can use this knowledge to build a truly amazing bond with your beloved pet?
  • Much, Much More

But that’s not all… Because the above is just a small fraction of the detailed information that you’ll discover in this jam packed eBook, which you can download in less than 5 minutes and be reading in the comfort of your own home in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea


ABSOLUTELY – I am so confident that you will not only love this book, you will find it invaluable and a resource you will refer back to time and time again.
Like most pets/animals, ferrets too have their own secret language and having a better understanding of this will open up a whole new world and build a relationship you never thought possible.

You need to know how to set-up your ferret’s living space, this is a crucial need for the healthiest of ferrets as they spend an awful lot of time in there.

If you like what you have read so far then here’s what you need to do…

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ferret care book

Lets be honest here…You could have someone go out and spend hundreds of hours doing research for you, gathering information, interviewing the professionals, and it wouldn’t even get close to the amount of information that’s been crammed into this eBook…

And that alone would cost you an arm and a leg…

Because you see…This isn’t some off the wall pieced together eBook!

But best of all…This eBook “Raising Sammy” – The Ultimate Ferret Care Guide is written in plain, easy to understand English (Meaning, you won’t find any overly complicated technical jargon here) – It’s written to be dead-easy to read and understand, and it’s laid out so you can easily follow it.

But my best news of all is that, because you have made it to this point and I know I can sometimes go on a bit, I wanted to make you an irresistible offer.
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Why am I making this so affordable? Simple, because you see…Since it’s a digital eBook my costs to deliver it to you are lower, compared to if I had to actually print it out (Which would raise the costs to around $45).

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I’m going to include a super free bonus that is worth almost as much as the eBook itself.

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Fred Acker has been keeping Ferrets for years and can be considered an authority on the subject. In this FREE book you will learn:

  • What to do before you buy a ferret
  • 6 magic training tips you cannot live without
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Sincerely ,

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